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Life after Doom

November 26th, 2004
By Nick P. Now that Doom 3 has come and gone, you are probably saying to yourself, 'Well, I better go back to looking up swimsuit models on the net.' Well, you can do as you wish, but I will be the first to tell you, the Doom 3 experience is not over.… more »

Spineless @ QuakeCon 2004

October 22nd, 2004
By Spineless-Mush *NOTE: This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever written. Oh yeah, and it gets progressively worse. Read at your own discretion. ACT I "What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?" came the voice from somewhere to my left. Waiting… more »

Doom 3 Portal exclusive interview with John Carmack*

August 16th, 2003
*NOTE: The following transcript is a fake, it never happened, thus it is… fake. Totally untrue. I think I already said that… Anyway, it's a load of BS made for no reason. It is what happens when you drink 10 coffees and a Snickers bar while sitting on… more »

Survival of the Fraggest

July 19th, 2003
By Nick P. "'Ž‹‚n`XBPm•3/4ѹ"vbV\dv(tm)'jd~¸*ŸkE10RÄÞѬyWNG`|Ÿ­¯•jKBC_} ¡ÂÔΧwK2Z„¤*3/4²ž}cKJQoƒ£¹ÊÂ(c)zW4//Fe-ÂÚØ1/4‡kO@Mf|¤ÀDZˆS-)" To many people, the code above is gibberish or a product of a mixture of caffeine and boredom. Or perhaps lack… more »

Doom: The Portal to Hell Opens at Your Local Theatres- 2006*

May 14th, 2003
By Nick P. *Note: This article is 87% speculation, 10% comments on personality types that annoy me, and 3% factual information. Take all information here with a grain of… no, a bucket of salt (although I wouldn't recommend actually eating all this… more »