id Software announce release date for Rage

August 16th, 2010

Not exactly Doom 4 news, but id Software's other game in development Rage, which shares the same id Tech 5 engine as Doom 4 has been given a release date at this year's QuakeCon.

id showcased the game running at 60fps on both PC and consoles, one of the console versions did however crash causing a cheer from the no-doubt PC-friendly audience.

We can look forward to getting our hands on Rage on the 15th of September 2011 in Europe and on the 13th of September 2011 in North America.

Doom 4 announced

May 10th, 2008

id Software have just announced they've started working on a new Doom game. From their website:

Production has begun on DOOM 4™, the next journey into the legendary DOOM universe. We are expanding our internal team and are currently hiring to work on this highly anticipated title.

"DOOM is part of the id Software DNA and demands the greatest talent and brightest minds in the industry to bring the next installment of our flagship franchise to Earth," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "It's critical for id Software to have the best creative minds in-house to develop games that meet the standards synonymous with our titles."

DOOM 4 will join the award-winning series which has consistently topped sales charts throughout the world.

I'd assume we'd see releases on Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Life after Doom

November 26th, 2004

By Nick P.

Now that Doom 3 has come and gone, you are probably saying to yourself, 'Well, I better go back to looking up swimsuit models on the net.' Well, you can do as you wish, but I will be the first to tell you, the Doom 3 experience is not over. To those who did not enjoy Doom 3 or found it disappointing, get the hell away from my face. And to those who enjoyed it and were saddened that it's all over, I've got some good news for you: the Doom 3 experience isn't over yet. A few mere months after Doom 3's release came the news that work was already underway for an expansion (well, OK, seriously, who didn't see this coming?). If you thought you had seen it all, you probably had. Until now, that is. So let's take a peek at the up-and-coming Doom 3 expansion, Resurrection of Evil, which promises more weapons, baddies, environments. Oh, and it won't screw up any relationships.

And then there's the Doom 3 modding community, and the numerous mods, many of which got started prior to Doom 3's release thanks in large part to a certain, erm, shall we say, leakage. We do not speak its name. Regardless, many fans, finally with new (and legal) copies of Doom 3 endeavored in the Modding Odyssey. So to those who felt that something was missing from the game, and to those who put that copy of Doom 3 away, I say, stay tuned. This expansion may not be revolutionary, but it's good to kill a weekend or two, if necessary. I can't say that it'll be worth the money it costs, but hopefully it won't be too much, because then it'll definitely be worth it. We'll be sure to tell you if it sucks. But even then, don't go away! For even if the expansion doesn't wet your whistle, you'll surely find a mod that will.

Resurrection: The Second Coming

I suppose there's one question on everyone's mind (I know, because it's on my mind, too): Will this expansion be worthwhile? Worth my money? Worth anything? Obviously, I can't tell you that, but I can tell you what we know so far (however little of it there is). First of all, it's being developed by Nerve Software. Whether that's good or bad news is left to the reader to decide, but it should be interesting to have a game with a touch other than id's. If that doesn't get the blood flowing, Quake IV is coming our way, alongside id's next project (whatever that may be). Oh yeah, and a Doom movie is being made that has nothing to do with the game. But let's not stray from the topic at hand: Life After Doom. At least, not yet.

As far as the story goes, not much has been released, so we'll have to wait and see. What we do know is that it takes place right after Doom 3, and it's likely we might even see a bit of Earth (after all, shouldn't this, by logic, be 'Doom 3: Hell on Earth'?). What we do know is that you'll find yourself fighting hell and all the baddies it can dish out again. But I bet you already knew that.

What we can tell you is some of the new hellspawn to be featured in this game. First up are the vulgars. A new addition to the ever-growing list of human-sized, humanoid monstrosities (honestly guys, how about something more interesting), these beasts are like imps on steroids. Does it look familiar? It should; the vulgar model is a slightly reworked version of the original arch-vile model that was shown. I'm happy that it wasn't thrown out, though the more I read, the more this expansion feels like a regurgitated bit from the gaming industry's meal. Back to the vulgars, we can say that they are faster and can delve out big amounts of damage fast. Also, they are reported to do a lot more wall-crawling. That sounds like good news. While imps were crawling all over the walls and ceilings in the videos released prior to the game's released, I was a bit disappointed that the few rare times that happens, it was scripted. Hopefully, this time it won't be and we'll have a genuinely interesting addition to the gameplay factor.

One of the more interesting new monsters is the bruiser. Hell-knight sized, and just as big of a cause for alarm, these beasts will make you think twice before approaching a computer monitor. Why? Well, they've got one for a head and may lay in disguise as a computer console until you approach them. Sound silly? It won't once one bursts from the wall and charges after you. No word on what kind of weapons they may have attached to their arms, but you can be sure they'll pack a punch. I'm betting that, whatever they may be, they'll be used mainly for clubbing and melee damage, which makes it all that more frightening.

The next monster on the line-up should look familiar: the forgotten. If you didn't get nostalgia playing Doom 3, now you will, because the forgotten are pretty much the lost souls from the original Doom. Don't remember? Flying flaming skulls with horns and a nasty bite. Bump-mapping does wonders to their skull form, but you won't have time to notice that, for chances are that these buggers are gonna be pretty quick. I think it's safe to assume they won't have any weapons (like coughing up fireballs), but you never know what game developers will screw up next.

Rounding up the line-up we know so far are the hell-hunters, which are basically hell-knights without legs that float around and, I'm guessing, throw fireballs. I bet they use those claws, too. An interesting feature to these monsters is their ability to warp time and slow everything down (something you'll be able to do too, but more on that later). That sounds great and all, but the fact that this is just a reworked hell-knight makes the game feel only more like that digested bit I was talking about earlier. Still, I'll hold off on further comment until I actually play the game.

As for me, I have some ideas of what I'd like to see in this expansion, but I have no word on the subject. Doom 3 was all about tight corridors, fear, and tension. And while I believe this expansion should still retain these qualities and strain for some new ingredients to scare the players shitless, I hope that they do not create a carbon copy of Doom 3. In all honesty, judging from all the screenshots released thus far, that's exactly what it looks like. I do not want an expansion with more tight corridors. I guess what I'm saying is, more variety in environments. Since I imagine that this sequel would take the battle to Earth, this wouldn't be too difficult. With Doom 2, id Software pioneered larger environments and more variety, and I'm hoping this sequel to Doom 3 will do the same. You can still deliver shock and pant-soiling fear, but still some larger outdoor environments and vehicles would be nice. And whatever the naysayers might, well, say, the Doom 3 engine can handle it. Quake IV, which is developed with this engine, promises these things, so I see no reason why the expansion pack shouldn't handle them.

Another thing I'd say to any people from the Nerve Software gang that might be reading this (dream on) would be to bring back more of the old monsters. I'm happy that they reworked the old Arch-vile design and worked it into the game, but how about some Arachnatrons, Spider-Masterminds, and maybe even pain-elementals? And barons of hell? Doom 3 went off on a bit of a tangent from the Doom universe, and if this expansion goes off on a tangent from Doom 3, well, next thing you know, you'll be fighting colourful aliens on an alien planet with laser guns and gravity weapons.

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Spineless @ QuakeCon 2004

October 22nd, 2004

By Spineless-Mush

*NOTE: This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever written. Oh yeah, and it gets progressively worse. Read at your own discretion.


"What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?" came the voice from somewhere to my left. Waiting with anticipation by the pressure chamber controls in one of the Doom 3 multiplayer maps, I had just seen someone wander in and activated the chamber, killing them, only to find out that they were on my team. It wasn't too hard to guess who and why was saying those things. I bet you can too. But don't get me wrong, I'm not too bad when it comes to team deathmatch, it's just that I tend to shoot anything that moves. In the long run, it all comes out well, especially if team damage is off. Yes, indeed! Spineless here was, again, to be found at the annual QuakeCon (in his best dreams) fragging away (his own team-mates, as in this instance). Hoping that some coffee might bring an end to this nasty habit that often leads to negative scores, Spineless got up and went for a bit of coffee. At the nearby Starbucks, he came across another person who had dropped over from QuakeCon. He, too, had problems he wanted to cure, but in his case, it was an odd habit to walk up to things and blow them away point-blanc with a rocket launcher.


Spineless-Mush: What's up?
Person With Weird Habit: Not much.
SM: QuakeCon fun?
PWWH: Not really. I blew away my own shadow fourteen times today. We've lost four matches.
SM: Well, that's not too bad.
PWW: Out of a total of five.
SM: Errr… Well, at least your team won one. That's pretty good…
PWWH: Yeah, they won when I left for lunch. (Starts sobbing) I'm such a miserable failure.
SM: Right well…
PWWH (crying): My parents… (sniffs loudly) always told me I'm a failure… And now this…
SM: Alright dude. First of all, I hate all this crying, wishy-washy, touchy crap, so stop it. Second of all, dude: it's a game.
PWWH (still sobbing): I know… but still…

Spineless slaps PWWH.

SM: Let me repeat myself: it's just a game.
PWWH: Right… OK, I'm better now… Don't mind me, I've always been like this. Since my childhood. Yes, I used to be beat regularly. See, my parents were historians. I was drawn and quartered for forgetting to take out the trash… A friend of mine helped me escape by putting me in a suitcase and mailing me away, and when I came out, I found myself among the cannibalistic Hupu tribes of the lower Amazon basin where natives devour the person's eyes before ritualistically gutting him and feeding him to a hundred foot Anaconda… That is when it started, the odd lights in the sky…

Spineless moves to another table and nervously averts the gaze of curious onlookers and Starbucks employees.

People start to point. PWWH jumps up on the table and, with empty hands holding an imaginary machinegun, he starts mowing down the poor civilians.

SM: Dude, what are you doing?
PWWH (looking down): Stopping these bastards!
SM: Right, uh, I think you've been playing a tad too much.

People start laughing as well as pointing. Someone throws an empty coffee cup at PWWH.

PWWH (collapsing in a really fake manner): They got me… they got me… I need a medikit… And some armour…
SM: Alright dude, that's enough. You can stop being an ass now.
PWWH (looking around at the laughing bystanders frantically): I have to go, I have to get out of here. I'm gonna go find some armour and camp somewhere, snipe…
SM (raising an eyebrow): Sure, you go do that.

PWWH leaves.

SM (to onlookers): I don't know that guy.

Another QuakeCon person comes in.

SM: What's up?
QCP: Not much, you?
SM: Same here. Say, where's John Carmack and the other folks from the id Software gang?
QCP: Oh, you haven't heard?
SM: Heard what?
QCP: Oh dear. I don't know how to tell you this. (Puts hand on SM's shoulder). They're being held hostage at the id offices. (looks up at SM in sudden realisation.) It's you! The prophecy! You must go and rescue them!
SM (having unpleasant memories regarding prophecies from last year's QuakeCon): What? Why?
QCP: Well, you see--Wait, I'm not going to tell you.
SM: Why?
QCP: Don't you see? This is perfect! This story's gonna be more interesting that way. If the plot unravels as you go along. Yes, I shouldn't tell you what's happening!
QCP: It's your mission to save them!
SM: Right…
QCP: Go! Good luck!

Spineless leaves.

Scene 2

Spineless, walking along the sidewalks, suddenly stops a couple and pulls the woman aside.

Woman: Ow! What are you doing?
SM: Well, this writing is turning into an action movie.
WM: What?
SM: Action writing, whatever. And you can't have an action without a chick. You're the chick.
WM: What are you talking about?
SM: You know, action movie chick.
WM: I find that offensive…
SM: Would you prefer babe?
WM: No, that's rude a---
SM: Then let's go. Now, all we need is some weapons and some good one-liners…

MAN: Hey, what are you doing? Let go of her.

Spineless punches out the man.

WM: Look at what you did to him! Are you crazy! This is horrible.
SM: You're right, it is horrible. He went down way too fast. It could've made a cool first fight scene. Oh well.
WM: What?
SM: Come on, let's go.
WM: Go where?
SM: Shopping.

Scene 3

Cut to scene from inside of gun shop. Suddenly, wall burst open. Spineless is driving a bulldozer. He jumps down and starts collecting weapons.

WM: Shopping, eh?
SM: Yeah.
WM: You realise you ripped that one-liner and this entire scene from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, right?
SM: …
WM: You're so unoriginal…
SM: Hey, get off my back already! I'm doing my best here! If you don't stop, I'll throw you out and find another action-movie chick that won't whine as much.

Police walk in and raise weapons.

Police chief: Put those guns down and raise your hands in the air!
SM (turning to WM): Oooh, this is the part where I'm supposed to act tough. (To police) No thank you, I like my M-16 raised and loaded.
WM: That wasn't very tough.
SM: Hey, would you just stop already?
POLICE: Put those weapons down. What're you planning to do? Rob a pub, drive drunk?
SM: Actually, I'm gonna rescue id Software. You know, the whole hostage situation?
POLICE: Hostages? What?
SM: You don't know? Shouldn't you be there, negotiating with the people who are holding the place hostage?
POLICE: Err… We were kind of busy.
SM: What?
POLICE: We had a D.W.I. checkpoint set up. You know, drinking and driving is a federal…
SM: And so you're not negotiating with the terrorists? OK, how about you go now?
POLICE: Well… actually… (looks down at watch) It's time for our break…
SM: What?
POLICE: You know, our break.
SM: Oh come on, you don't actually live up to the stereotype that Police people are obsessed with donuts… Do you?
POLICE (silent):…
SM: My god, can't you put those damned donuts down for one second and institute some justice for once?
POLICE: Maybe tomorrow…

Police exit.

SM: Wow, that was awkward.
WM: Are you ready, can we leave now.
SM (pauses): Wait.
WM: What?
SM: There's something still missing.
WM: What are you talking about?
SM: Let's see, I just gunned down a horde of dirty cops…
WM: What? You didn't shoot anybody, and those cops weren't dirty.
SM: Damn it, woman! You're spoiling the moment! This is an action story, isn't it?
WM: I guess…
SM: Then I just brought an end to a massive drug-trafficing cop unit.
WM: Whatever…
SM: But there's something still missing…
WM: Now what?
SM: Comic relief.
WM: Comic relief?
SM: Yeah, that's what's missing. You always have someone in action movies that's the comic relief. They aren't really action-type. They are usually a bit nerdy, geeks, you know, that kind of just tag along and say funny things after massive fight scenes.

Wester wanders in the gunstore.

WESTER: Hi guys!
SM (to WM): Wow, is that lucky, or what?
WR: What's up?
SM: Not much. Say, how'd you like to come along and save id Software?
WR: Sure.
SM: Right, so you're the comic relief. I just gunned down a bunch of drug-smuggling cops. Say something funny.
WR: What? Where?
SM: Don't you see the steaming carnage?
WR: No…
SM: Oh, for Christ's sake, just say something funny!
WR: Um, OK, how's this? "That had to hurt!"
SM: "That had to hurt!" ? That's it? That's your funny comic relief?
WR: Yeah.
SM: That has got to be the most used, trite, common comic relief phrase in movie history.
WR: So you don't like it?
SM: No.
WR: I'm sorry.
SM: Don't be. Just say funny stuff, damn it!
WR: Right, OK.
SM: We're gonna have to work on your sense of humour.
WM: Can we go already?
SM: No.
WM: What? What now?
SM: There's something still missing.
WM: Oh, Jesus Christ, what now…
SM: Music.
WR: What?
WM: Music?
SM: That's right. As I walk away from the wreckage, we need some kick-ass, in-your-face, balls-to-the-wall metal riff blasting away.
WM: Right.
SM: Anyone got any ideas?
WR: How about some Nickelback?
SM:… Are you serious?
WR: No? Then how about some D12?
SM: Dude, I said metal, not crap. What the hell is wrong with you?
WR: Well, you see--
SM: From now on, you don't speak unless I point to you.
WR: But…
SM: A! I didn't point. Now, what shall it be…
WR: How about…
SM: A!
SM: I'm thinking 'Wicked' by Symphony X.

Symphony X enter the store.

WM: What? How did you… ? You can't do that!
SM: Hey, I'm writing this, and I can make anything happen. Now, 'Wicked', let's go.

Symphony X starts playing 'Wicked.'

Spineless and other walk away in bad-ass manner.

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Doom 3 Portal exclusive interview with John Carmack*

August 16th, 2003

*NOTE: The following transcript is a fake, it never happened, thus it is… fake. Totally untrue. I think I already said that… Anyway, it's a load of BS made for no reason. It is what happens when you drink 10 coffees and a Snickers bar while sitting on the computer. So, don't do drugs and read on:


It was the 14th of August and our resident Spineless-mush was to be found at the annual QuakeCon. After 10s upon 10s of decisive battles, and an impressive mid-air frag that saved his team's flag, Spineless found that those 9 cokes and his morning coffee could no longer be contained. Still dazed from the never-ending deathmatch, he rubbed his eyes to clear the lightning gun still present in his peripheral vision. He snooped around carefully and strafed into the lavatory while gazing at his health and armour readings. But as usual, excitement followed him wherever he went. Even in the bathroom.

There stood the great John Carmack. Even as he did his dirty business in the urinal, there seemed to be a heavenly spotlight shining on him. Eager for a conversation, Spineless walked up to John Carmack in hopes of recording the interview that is here, about to ensue:

Spineless-Mush: Hello!

John Carmack: Errr… 00100110100010111101011100010.

SM: Excuse me?

JC: That's "what the hell do you want?" written in binary code.

SM: I see… Well, I was wondering if I could ask you several questions…

JC: 01010001101...

SM: Not in binary code, if you please.

JC: All right, but be quick; my presence is required in the data flow that runs through our LAN...

SM: Ok, ok, sure, yeah. So, uh, how's your deathmatch experience at this year's QuakeCon so far?

JC: Oh, it's wonderful, the way that snippet of electrical impulses announced the single firing of a rocket in my opponent's computer...

SM: Excuse me, sir, but I don't know how in the hell I'm gonna record this if you keep on talking like that.

JC: Sorry, I've had a lot of technical issues on my mind lately, revolving around Doom III and so on…

SM: Oh that's right. Doom III. Well, how's Doom III coming along?

JC: Oh, all right. We've had four units assembled just yesterday...

From one of the stalls rises the loud sound of defecation followed by an unearthly smell.

SM: Umm, let's find another spot where we can concentrate better.


SM: So, you we're talking about Doom III, Mr. Carmack. You said something about the units…

JC (looks startled): Units? What units? Did I say that? Err, I meant modules. Hehehe, yeah.

SM: Sir, you can talk freely. After all, this conversation never took place and this whole transcription is a load of BS made to entertain more than anything else.

JC: Oh all right. Units. Yesterday we inserted Tim Willits' brain into the main one because its original brain was too… Incompetent to our high standards.

SM: Sorry, but I still don't understand what the hell is going on.

JC: Our army, you idiot! We are building an army!

SM: An army? But you're a software pro...

JC (looks wildly around): Hahaha! That's the cover up, nice, isn't it? We're making pretty little games, while in reality, we're building massive armies of cyberdemons!!!

SM: That's just cheesy, but ok. So what's Doom, Doom II, and now Doom III? Huh?

JC: That's just our cover-up. People think we are programming pretty little games while in reality we are building an elite army of warriors namely named 'Carmack's Confederacy'.

SM: Uhhh… ok?

JC: Yes. That's why Doom III is taking so long to finish. This project began with the original Doom, and it's now nearing its completion with Doom III. 10 years of hard labour!

SM: Ok, so what's this army for? What are your plans for it?

JC (laughs maniacally): MUAHAHAHAHA! That's just it! Don't you see, you fool! We are going to pack one of our cyberdemons and send it off to Valve Software! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Half-Life 2 be damned!!!

SM: Ok… Assuming that what you just said is not due to the Tequila in your hand, tell me: what's the rest of the army for? I mean, one cyberdemon is enough to do Valve Software in.

JC (nods vigorously): Yes, yes. But we also have plans to send some spider masterminds to Electronic Arts.

SM: Why not send a spider mastermind to Valve Software?

JC: The spider masterminds require a bigger box. And Valve software are further away; those UPS mailing charges would kill us. Meanwhile, EA are a grenade's throw away… literally. Hehehehe….

SM (rubs his chin, thus doubling the normal amount of intelligence he continually radiates): Uh, ok? So, what's your motivation behind this?

JC: Oh how I despise HL 2… and 1 for that matter. Stupid games, ripping off Hollywood movies. And our will to go ahead with this project only strengthened a few weeks ago when someone from Valve thought it was funny to send us a face hugger. (Odd gleam in his eyes) But we'll get back at them, won't we?

SM: They sent you a face hugger?

JC: Yeah, it jumped on Trent Reznor and tried to turn him into a vicious mutant. Of course, Trent was already like that, so the face-hugger had no luck. However, Trent got pissed off and left the project. Said that the damn thing congested his nose for good. I told him to try this new stuff, Flexonase, it fixes up you fast! (Looks at camera) Should not be taken by children under the age of 12. Side effects include vomiting, sexual dysfunction, heart failure, formation of odd masses in one's liver, and death...

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